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The health and safety of every person in our schools is our primary concern and we are taking every precaution to prevent potential exposure or spread of infectious diseases within our schools.  We actively partner with local health departments and closely following guidelines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): CDC Childcare and K-12 Guidance to guide our decisions.

We continue to prioritize the health and safety of all our team members while also balancing against declining case figures, increasing vaccination rates among our team members and state and local government protocols. 



If your child becomes ill at school, we’ll call you immediately and ask that they be picked up as soon as possible. In general, if you suspect that your child is getting ill or is contagious, keep them at home and consult with your doctor.  We’ll welcome your child back into our school once they are free of symptoms for 72 hours or have a doctor’s note stating that the child can return to school. 


Anyone with suspected or confirmed cases of infectious diseases including COVID-19 in their household must follow the CDC's recommendation for quarantine procedures and duration.


Teachers and school staff will be cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day, paying particular attention to high-touch areas such as doorknobs, toilet flushers, faucets, countertops, phone handles, and tablets.  Toys such as sensory bins and sand play will be removed for the time being, and we ask that home toys be left at home. Playground equipment, if in use, will be sanitized between each group of children using it.  Toys will be carefully sanitized at the end of every day and all bedding will be kept separate, individually stored, and washed at least weekly.  Additionally, our nightly professional cleaning will be completed using EPA approved disinfecting products. 



Everyone who enters the building will have access to hand sanitizer at the entrance and be asked to wash their hands immediately upon arrival into a classroom (teachers will help the children!).  Hand washing will also occur before and after preparing food or beverages, before and after eating or handling food or feeding children, before and after administering medication, before and after diapering, after using the toilet or helping a child use the toilet, after coming in contact with any bodily fluid, after handling any school pets, after playing outdoors and of course, after handling any garbage.  We will ensure that hand washing procedures are thorough and consistently followed. 

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