Our History

Why Otter?

The Otter is a smart and engaging animal, overflowing with positive energy. They are popular, eminently lovable and display highly-developed social skills. Otters mix easily with a diverse range of personalities.

We think the same should be true of children.

Otter Learning was established to foster social and academic development for children 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Our educational philosophy centers around establishing an innovative “learning playground" where children find undiscovered passions, develop important life-skills, make new friends, and expand their imaginations. The goal is for each student to discover all these incredible things on their way to becoming responsible, respectful citizens of the community. We understand that all children have different interests, abilities, and learning styles, so our approach to education takes into account each child’s individuality.

Our beautiful facilities are staffed by experienced, dedicated individuals — teachers and tireless support staff — who foster a love of learning and exploring in every child. Their goal is to ensure your child’s well-being and guide them on their educational journey every day. 

Each of our schools is licensed by the state where it operates. In addition, each school adheres to the highest standards of safety, security, cleanliness, teaching, and care. Every Otter Learning school operates the way any good neighborhood business does. We know our community and we understand how best to serve the parents and children who live there.

As a leader in early education, we are committed to fulfilling our mission with honesty, trust, excellence, and the same passion for learning we instill in our students.


With the generous support of local communities, families and dedicated staff, Otter Learning continues to grow and, we aren’t done yet!  We look forward to putting an ever-expanding number of children on the path to their very own development, happiness, and ultimate success.

We hope you and your child become part of our story, today.

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