Introducing Facebook Groups!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new school Facebook Group! Each Otter Learning school will now have their own group where current and prospective parents have a space to ask questions, share ideas, learn, and collaborate! We want all of you to have a fun, social, environment to talk amongst one another and meet other parents!

We will also constantly be checking these Facebook groups to answer any of your questions you may have!

Joining the group:

If you want to join your schools Facebook group, simply click the link below for your desired school. Then, click the “join” button, and you are a member!

Creating a post:

If you would like to start a discussion or have something to share, simply hit the “write post” button. Here you can write, add photo(s), ask for a recommendation, share a link, and much more!

Some examples of posts might be:

-Parents to ask other parents any questions they might have.

-Coordinating what each parent is bringing to a school event.

-Scheduling of birthday parties/events your child might be having and wants to invite their class.

-For us to share with parents any changes, such as changes in schedule, at home lessons, etc.

-For us to create polls and hear feedback from all of you!

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy!

Links to Facebook Groups:

Growing Tree Learning Center:

Kids In The Country Learning


Anchor Academy:

Kiddie Kottage Debusk: