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Mother's Day: A Day of Gratitude

Today is an incredibly special day. One day out of the year where we can celebrate and give back the person or people who have given us so much: our moms.

A mom can be so many things; whether she provided life by carrying you inside of her for nine months or non-blood related but someone who raised and loved you like her own. Most people can identify a person who they can be thankful for on this special holiday.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why we can be thankful for moms. These should be shared every day but are especially pertinent today.

Thank You For Always Believing

Life can and has been difficult and there have been times when it may feel easier to give up. Every time you show up, you remind all of us of our worth and importance as human beings.

You encourage everyone to keep reaching for the stars and never settling for anything less than what is deserved. You always promote the pursuit of happiness and that obstacles are just opportunities.

Thank You.

Thank You For Showing Grace When It Isn't Deserved

Thank you for understanding that we are human and make mistakes. At times we may be rude, selfish and unkind because of your unconditional and limitless love. You do not deserve anything less than unconditional love back and yet when we don't deliver that, you love all of us anyway. For that, we are forever grateful.

Thank You.

Thank You For Giving Your Everything

You rarely say no and we appreciate your generosity. We recognize that every day you make personal and professional sacrifices.

From supporting us emotionally as we grow up, to sacrificing personal time after long days at work and so much more, you have always been there.

You have sacrificed in order to give all of us a better life.

Thank You.

Thank You For Always Comforting Us

Thanks for letting us cry on your shoulder when a love interest didn't work out. You always say the right things. Thanks for always taking our side and coaching us through life's bumps and bruises.

Thank You.

Thank You For The Unconditional Love And Friendship

You are many of our best friends and you always have been. We have seen your love when attending sporting events, sharing with friends about how proud you are of our accomplishments and comforting us when life became a little too tough to handle. Most importantly, you have taught us how to love others and how to love them well.

As time passes, we realize more and more how much you have and continue to do every day.

This Mother’s Day, we thank whomever you call "Mom" for being the best on the planet.

Happy Mother’s Day and thanks so much for just being you.

Otter Learning Mother's Day Thank You
Otter Learning Mother's Day Thank You


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