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Otter Learning Adopts the Addition of Security Cameras to Kiddie Kottage

Otter Learning is made up of five pillars: Education, Engagement, Preparedness, Communication, and Safety. To enhance our promise on exceptional care, we decided it was time to enhance our safety. Safety is something we take seriously and feel it is an important aspect of productive learning. We feel security cameras come with extra benefits associated with child security, allowing your child to reach their full potential. With that being said, we are proud to announce the addition of security cameras to our Kiddie Kottage Debusk and Kingston Pike schools located in Knoxville, TN! Read along and learn some of the different ways that we think security cameras are beneficial!

These closed-loop security cameras will be for internal and staff use only, so we will unfortunately not be opening the service to families to review live or even on replay based on our privacy policies and regulations.

security camera

External Monitoring

Given it can be hectic in the classroom, many of our employees are unable to focus on the outside permitter of their building. External security cameras allow staff to be aware of their surroundings and act fast in potential danger. Just like any public business, outside risk is always a concern and is something that should be taken seriously. Video monitoring outside can help on what matters most, the children!

Staff Training and Accountability

Cameras can be beneficial when it comes to staff training and accountability. Sometimes instances arise that training doesn’t necessarily prepare you for. With video surveillance, this allows staff to review and revisit situations that could be helpful for future trainings. Visual playback is a great way to learn about the proper and improper ways to handle everyday situations. Staff accountability is another benefit to the adaptation of security cameras. Knowing that children and staff are being monitored should give parents peace of mind when dropping children off. 

Child Monitoring

Video surveillance is another way to provide an extra set of eyes on children in the classroom. With more than one child in a class, it can be easy to miss out on why a particular child may have a boo-boo or is crying. With security cameras, this allows us to locate the exact source of the problem in a relatively short amount of time. This is especially useful with children of younger ages who may have trouble communicating what is wrong or what happened.

As you can see, many benefits come along with the use of security cameras inside and outside of our schools. External monitoring, staff training and accountability, and child monitoring are just a few benefits of our new video surveillance systems!

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