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A Recognition of International (& Otter) Women's Day

Dear Otter Learning Dream Team,

Spring is here, and with it, the season of new growth, hope, warmth and kindness.

This week we celebrated 2022 International Women’s Day. On such a date full of love, praise, and gratitude, on behalf of Otter Learning, we would like to extend our sincere greetings and warmest wishes to all female staff, students and parents in our Otter Learning Family.

Women have been striving for freedom and equality for more than a century, and the pursuit continues to this day. They fight for opportunities in education, self-development, and social status as human civilization progresses. Gender equality and the empowerment of women are important aspects of our country’s goal of sustainable growth and development (and needs to be further emphasized).

The US National Bureau of Statistics published data detailing the total number of working people and the population participation in the workforce of different countries. According to the survey, the average workforce participation rate for women around the world is about 50% (meaning half of all women are active participants in the labor force). Women are increasingly participating in every level of society, and we are so proud at Otter Learning to have a +95% female workforce.

Otter Learning will continue to emphasize how important it is to achieve gender equality and advance women’s causes. Female students, staff and parents have always been the indispensable backbone of our growth and development. The twenty-first century is all about innovation, and social development in this era requires the participation of educated women. Undoubtedly, women can fulfil their truest potential and make contributions to society as long as there is equal opportunity and opportunities to pursue high-quality education.

On this special week, I would like to encourage everyone associated with our organization to pay attention to personal development, to strive to grow and continue to make choices freely, to participate in all aspects of society, and to remain devoted to the great cause of gender equality and social progress.

Once again, I sincerely wish you a happy International Women’s Day. Onwards and Upwards!

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