Anchor Academy

"When our family decided to sell Anchor Academy after 11 years of ownership, we wanted to ensure that our legacy was going to be passed along to owners that would preserve our school's sense of community and maintain the high quality of care for our students and teachers. We had been approached several times by potential buyers. As every preschool owner knows, the most important ingredients in a successful school are the administrators and teachers who are taking care of the children as well as running the day-to-day operations. After getting to know Spencer and Chase, we felt confident that they would not disrupt or change our vision for the schools, and most importantly, the employees and children would continue to be in excellent care. The team at Otter Learning worked efficiently to meet our timing needs and did so in a thoughtful manner which helped take a significant portion of stress out of the process.  We are so exited that Spencer and Chase and the entire Otter Learning team will continue to deliver outstanding care and service at Anchor Academy." 

—  George & Madalyn, Owners