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Academy For Kids

I wanted to reach out to you both and say I am very grateful to be able to have the chance to work with your staff last week and this week, they are truly amazing people. Your approach is has advantages to many resources.


The upgrades coming to the school is appreciated and exciting for the staff. They are smiling to see the Technology upgrades. In all honesty I wanted to tell you I am grateful for the upgrades to help the school be more efficient.

I know I stayed longer than what my contract required I just wanted to help blend the transfer of the two companies smoothly. Thank you for that opportunity. Excitement is in the air I know they all will be fine, they are in a great place. Everyone knows to call me anytime.
Maybe somewhere down the line in your future you could write a book or make a movie, you’re not the normal in the preschool world but you’re rocking out...making history changes for the good of children. I am super proud to be a small part of it.  Good luck and keep up the excellent Adventure.

— Karren, Owner

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