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Deep operational experience and education advisory network to enhance the overall school experience

Flexibility to invest in growth initiatives, employee development to ensure education remains the #1 priority

Trusted, long-term, perpetual capital to support industry-leading operators and the families we serve

Consistent alignment of incentives between all stakeholders

Flexible Acquisition Model

Because Otter Learning is privately owned, with no outside investors, the company is incredibly flexible in what we can buy or partner with. We are able to purchase schools with the following characteristics:

  • With or without real estate (prefer real estate)

  • Open or closed / vacant schools

  • Preschools, Daycares, Childcare Centers, K-12, Primary, etc

  • All styles / curriculums (Montessori, Abeka, Creative Curriculum, etc.)

  • Franchised (Close to the end of a franchise contract)

Since we are so focused on preserving the legacy of existing owners and we have a unique ownership model, we are able to work on a transition / plan that allows supports and preserves the important aspects of a sellers legacy and goals.

These are some key criteria we're looking for in single or multi-site acquisition opportunities:

  • 125+ licensed capacity per school

  • +6,000 sq ft facilities

  • Excellent customer satisfaction ratings

  • Steady enrollments

  • Modern facilities and playgrounds that follow an early child care center layout

  • Qualified, trained team members

  • Community participation and connection

Does this sound like your business?

Then please submit information about your business for acquisition consideration. Start planning your future, today 

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Let's Work Together to Preserve and Build Upon Your Legacy

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