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Infants do a little more than eat, sleep, and play. Yet behind these misleadingly simplistic actions, occurs an awe-inspiring process of development through which infants make sense of and learn how to interact with the world around them. The possibilities for enhancing children is limitless.


At the youngest stage of development, infants begin to observe their environment. Babies enjoy being held, cuddled and nurtured by our loving staff. Our infants are rotated between a number of stimulating activities throughout the day that are catered towards their own developmental progress.

The next stage of development includes patterns of eating, being alert and sleeping which are clearly regulated. Our babies are introduced to new foods, sitting up, recognizing their name, crawling and pulling up, and exploring their environment. Our trained and dedicated staff delicately work with our parents to aid children through the different stages of development.

  • Daily discovery using all five senses, exploring textures, colors, and learning a variety of words and sounds

  • Small class size and low student-teacher ratios
  • Parents and / or guardians will always be part of each room transition decision

  • Daily reports used to communicate with parents

  • Nearly all schools participate in state voucher or subsidy programs - Be sure to ask at the time of enrollment!

  • Parents provide diapers, wipes and a small crib size blanket for nap

  • Tablet in the classroom for parent-teacher communication

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