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Preschool Class


To your preschooler, nothing is impossible! They are opening up their world and developing special friendships. Together, they are learning new words and forming new ideas every day. Preschool children are very inquisitive, and their confidence is growing daily. Because they are eager to learn, they need the opportunity to develop in an environment that is based upon their unique development and learning styles. This type of learning is referred to as “Developmentally Appropriate Practices.”

Our preschool program is based on this very important concept that will consider each child’s strengths, interests, and needs.

​Our Curriculum is designed to challenge our preschoolers including hands-on math, science, art, music, cooking and physical fitness activities, this well-rounded program offers something for each child. Fine motor skills are an important part of the learning process as children are introduced to basic printing.

  • Small class size and low student-teacher ratios

  • Parents and / or guardians will always be part of each room transition decision

  • Daily reports used to communicate with parents

  • Nearly all schools participate in state voucher or subsidy programs - Be sure to ask at the time of enrollment!

  • Tablet in the classroom for parent-teacher communication

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