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Children in School Bus

Elementary School

A select few of our schools are able to offer high quality Elementary School services. High quality, low ratio early education can benefit your child in elementary school and long afterward. Research indicates that effective elementary school programs can improve school attendance, classroom behavior, and academic aspirations. These characteristics can bolster academic success through high school and well into college.

  • Low student to teacher ratios relative to other local public and private schools

  • Widespread and growing technology options by utilizing computers, tablets and more to familiarize students with education games such as Starfall, Funbrain, and PBS kids. We also utilize educational videos from discovery and national geographic kids.

  • Centers based learning approach with hands-on learning experiences in math, language and science.

  • One-on-one reading instruction to boost individual reading levels.

  • Schools offering We utilize the A Beka curriculum as a base for all students and supplemental materials based on the individual needs of each child. This curriculum takes a Christian based approach and has been thoroughly researched and tested for over 55 years in the classrooms at Pensacola Christian Academy.

  • Reading, phonics, and math are emphasized most often in the A Beka curriculum. We add supplemental materials to increase student achievement on an individual level.

  • Low ratios provide an excellent opportunity for one-on-one instruction.

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