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Elementary Classroom

Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission Vision Values

Mission Vision Values

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Be Safe, Be Kind - Let's Grow Together.


Our vision is to be the leader in providing community focused early childhood education for children from all backgrounds. We will be known for our exceptional education programs, talented teams, and community relationships. We will always take pride in our unique blend of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.


  • Growth & Innovation - We will continue in our efforts to promote education, constantly improve our services, and nurture top talent to provide a unique and exciting environment for everyone in the Otter Learning family.

  • Partnership - We believe in working together as a team and community.

  • Quality - We will offer an environment that fosters development, facilitates success, and encourages integrity.

  • Inclusion – All children, families and team members are welcome.

  • Safety – We will deliver a safe setting for our students, team and community.

Early Education Focused on Social and Academic Success

Be Safe, Be Kind - Let's Grow Together.







Our holistic approach empowers children to ask questions, solve problems, and develop emotional intelligence inside and outside of the classroom. Our professional educators use recognized and developmentally appropriate milestones to enable high achieving student success in partnership with parents.

River Keepers

We are committed to teaching students and families the principles of respecting and restoring their environment. This means leaving our communities better than we found them and ensuring families are active partners in an amazing education experience. Our community of River Keepers will gather for events and carry forward stewardship of the neighborhoods where we work, serve, teach and play.


Our community is as varied as the stones in a riverbed. Our commitment to inclusion nurtures strengths and celebrates diversity, while unifying our community of learners through an exceptional educational experience and common goals. The river connects and shapes us while we each celebrate our individuality as contributing members of the river community.

Trusted Holt

A holt is a home that Otters build for their young amidst the turbulence of a river. Our schools serve as a safe haven for our children and community to develop independence, make mistakes, and enjoy the freedom of learning.  We are your holt away from home.

Natural Discovery

Nature reminds all of us that we are part of a larger, more expansive world. Our intentional school design and natural environments help students develop adaptability and resourcefulness in the traditional classroom and our outdoor natural environments. We plant, grow and harvest to become successful life-long learners and leaders.

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