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Chase Begor

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Spencer Kushner

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Director of Operations

Jim Ryan

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Human Resources Director

Elizabeth Culbertson

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Regional Manager - Florida

Olivia Murray

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Regional Manager - Nashville

Christy Murcko

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Regional Manager - Clarksville

Amy Olsen

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Licensing & Curriculum Director

Rachel Krug

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Marketing & Branding Manager

Zareena Williams

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Regional Manager - Knoxville

Rhonda Roberts

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Regional Manager - Charleston

Kim Austin

Chase and Spencer are the Founders and CEOs of Otter Learning, where they are responsible for the oversight of multiple high-performing, independent private early childhood education schools across the U.S.  In their leadership capacity, they manage a seasoned team of educators and operators with a passion for providing high-quality education.

Chase and Spencer founded Otter Learning because they believed in partnering with passionate and purpose-driven educators of independent, education-focused children's schools and providing them with additional support, resources and tools would make a positive impact on this important segment of the education landscape. They are dedicated to unleashing the potential within each school, both of the students they serve, and equally important, of their educators and staff.

They felt a strong calling to provide more than a “daycare” for children and sought to offer more children an educational opportunity to develop skills early in life that will prepare them to become global citizens. Chase and Spencer created the concept of Otter Learning to provide children and their families the highest quality educational environment to prepare students for the rigors of primary school and beyond.

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